Maglite C-Cell Belt Holster

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Water Resistant

Batteries Included


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Maglite C-Cell Belt Holster - Fits all C-Cell size flashlights

Compatible With

  • Maglite ML50L™ LED Flashlight - Adventure Pack
  • Maglite ML50L™ LED Flashlight - Safety Pack
  • Maglite ML50LX™ / Gerber MP600
  • Maglite® ML150LRX LED Rechargeable System
  • Maglite® ML150LR LED Rechargeable System
  • Maglite ML50LX™ 3-Cell C LED Flashlight
  • Maglite ML50LX™ 2-Cell C LED Flashlight
  • Maglite ML50L™ 3-Cell C LED Flashlight
  • Maglite ML50L™ 2-Cell C LED Flashlight
  • Maglite ML50L™ LED Flashlight__
  • Maglite ML50LX™ LED Flashlight__
  • Maglite® ML25LT™ 2-Cell C LED Flashlight
  • Maglite® ML25LT™ 3-Cell C LED Flashlight
  • Maglite® ML25IT™ 2-Cell C Xenon Flashlight
  • Maglite® ML25IT™ 3-Cell C Xenon Flashlight
  • Maglite® ML25LT™ LED Flashlight Safety Pack
  • Maglite® ML25LT™ LED Flashlight Adventure Pack