Mini Maglite LED Spectrum Series Warm White

Water Resistant

Drop Resistance

Light Source

6.607 in. 167.8 mm

Barrel Diameter
.709 in. 18 mm

Head Diameter
1 in. 25.4 mm

Batteries Included

Battery Type
AA Cell Alkaline

Battery Quantity

Power Management

Weight with Batteries
4.15 oz. 117.75 g


Special Features
Easy to use, Powerful Projecting LED Beam, 4 Selectable Modes: High Power, Low Power (25%), Blink Mode - Blinks approx. once a sec., SOS, ,

1) Tail cap
2) Lip Seal, tail cap
3) Battery spring*
4) Barrel-LED Switch Assembly**
5) O-ring, barrel
6) Head
7) O-ring, head
8) Reflector
9) Clear lens
10) O-ring, face cap
11) Face cap
*Item 3 inserts into item 1
**Do not disassemble

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This Spectrum Series LED 2 AA, features a warm white beam. Warm white light is the ideal light source for working in tight spaces. - Preferred light for electronic technicians because warm white LEDs allow for the full color spectrum to be seen in detail on wires/cables. Cool white Light LEDs make browns, blacks and reds look the same, warm White LEDs do not mask color. - For situations in which a flashlight is going to be used for an extended period of time, warm white LEDs avoid eye strain because it is a natural light similar to the sun’s ray unlike regular white LEDs. .


• Easy to use

• Powerful Projecting LED Beam

• 4 Selectable Modes:

  • High Power
  • Low Power (25%)
  • Blink Mode - Blinks approx. once a sec.
  • SOS

• "Spot-to-Flood" adjustable LED beam
Anodized for corrosion resistance and durability
• Rugged, machined aluminum case
• Compact design
• Powered by two (2) AA alkaline batteries

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