Mini Maglite LED Spectrum Series Green

Water Resistant

Drop Resistance

Light Source

6.607 in. 167.8 mm

Barrel Diameter
.709 in. 18 mm

Head Diameter
1 in. 25.4 mm

Batteries Included

Battery Type
AA Cell Alkaline

Battery Quantity

Power Management

Weight with Batteries
4.15 oz. 117.75 g


Special Features
Easy to use, Powerful Projecting LED Beam, 4 Selectable Modes: High Power, Low Power (25%), Blink Mode - Blinks approx. once a sec., SOS, ,

1) Tail cap
2) Lip Seal, tail cap
3) Battery spring*
4) Barrel-LED Switch Assembly**
5) O-ring, barrel
6) Head
7) O-ring, head
8) Reflector
9) Clear lens
10) O-ring, face cap
11) Face cap
*Item 3 inserts into item 1
**Do not disassemble

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This Spectrum Series LED 2 AA, features a green beam. Green is great for outdoors as animals, insects and fish typically do not react to seeing a green led light source. Visually your eye responds better to green and blue color lighting. Protects your night vision and avoids eye strain typically associated with using white LED’s for an extended period of time. Great rescue light for both the professional rescuer as well as the average consumer, green LED flashlights can be seen up to a mile away. .


• Easy to use

• Powerful Projecting LED Beam

• 4 Selectable Modes:

  • High Power
  • Low Power (25%)
  • Blink Mode - Blinks approx. once a sec.
  • SOS

• "Spot-to-Flood" adjustable LED beam
Anodized for corrosion resistance and durability
• Rugged, machined aluminum case
• Compact design
• Powered by two (2) AA alkaline batteries

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