Whether it's hiking the John Muir trail or camping out in the backyard one of the key pieces of equipment is a flashlight. We have selected a few products that provide the benefits and features designed to enhance your outdoor experience.


Maglite® ML300L™ LED Flashlight
415 m Beam
694 Lumens
As low as $130.50
Maglite ML50L™ LED Flashlight
299 m Beam
490 Lumens
As low as $50.00
Maglite® ML300LX™ LED Flashlight
406 m Beam
625 Lumens
As low as $75.50
Maglite ML100 LED Flashlight
307 m Beam
137 Lumens
As low as $25.00
Maglite XL200 LED Flashlight
138 m Beam
172 Lumens
As low as $48.00
Mini Maglite PRO+ LED Flashlight
150 m Beam
245 Lumens
As low as $32.00