Size: 2-Cell AA
Each "Classic Combination" comes complete with Mag Instrument® flashlight, alkaline battery/batteries, and Classic Knife stored in its own unique and attractive gift box.

Our Mag Instrument® flashlights are already classics. The Mini Maglite® and the Maglite® Solitaire® flashlights both feature a high-intensity light beam that converts quickly from spot to flood with a twist of the wrist. With shock-resistant anodized aluminum casing, spare lamp and capability of converting to a freestanding candle mode both the Mini Maglite® and Maglite® Solitaire® flashlights are the first word in personalized flashlights. They're made to last with our limited lifetime warranty on all components except lamps and batteries.

Another original is the Victorinox® Swiss Army Knife. A hardworking tool made with expert craftsmanship, this model is called the Classic and comes with blade, file/screwdriver, and scissors.

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