White Star® Replacement Lamps
Now Up To 69% Brighter*
White Star® Krypton lamps are installed as "original equipment" on all genuine Maglite® flashlights. Upgrade your existing flashlight today and experience the next generation in White Star® lamp technology.

2-6 D-Cell Mag-Lite® Lamp Specifications
2-6 C-Cell Mag-Lite® Lamp Specifications

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* Measured against prior generation White Star® lamps, peak beam candlepower (PBC) of new (as of early 2003) White Star® lamp ranged from 69% higher for 3D cell lamp to 20% higher for 2C cell lamp, average PBC increase across the range of lamps (2 cell through 6 cell) being 48%. All performance figures are approximate and may vary between flashlights, lamps, and/or batteries.

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