Anthony Maglica, known for his obsession with precision engineering, craftsmanship and commitment to perfection, was not satisfied with the performance of a "regular" LED as a usable light source. Mr. Maglica set his sights on producing an LED light source that would have the kind of durability, reliability, and performance Maglite® flashlights are known for. With an emphasis on uncompromising performance, MAG-LED™ Technology is the result of that quest.

MAG-LED® Technology

The Next Generation MAG-LED® Technology includes:

• A NEW High Performance LED

• A More Powerful Projecting LED Beam that focuses simply by rotating the head.

Enhanced Balanced Optics™ - Refining a concept pioneered by Mag Instrument, the “next generation” Mag® LED flashlight combines a newly re-designed reflector with the LED module platform in order to take advantage of significantly higher output intensity.

Intelligent Energy Source Management - The second generation Mag® LED flashlight includes a sophisticated electronic LED module which continuously monitors the balance between high brightness and efficient power usage allowing for prolonged battery life.

Extended Battery Life- Compared to incandescent flashlights of similar battery count and similar lumen output, the user can expect much improved battery longevity from this “next generation” flashlight.

PLUS: All of the quality features professionals and
consumers expect from a Mag® flashlight:
• Rugged, machined aluminum construction with
knurled design.
• Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion
• Water and shock resistant.


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